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Do More Than Just Reference Your Favorite Book – Let The World Preview It For Free

We all know how easy it is to share our favorite pictures and videos online. Now you can just as easily share your favorite book with Kindle instant previews so anyone can start reading the book for free.


GIF of the app in action


How it works

Kindle instant previews can be embedded on the web or shared as a link via email, text and other favorite apps. Anyone can start reading the preview for free by clicking on the link, just like this example. The Kindle instant preview provides:


• Free content to keep traffic on your site

• Free access to a sample of the book

• Adjustable font sizes for the readers' comfort

• Direct link to book purchase from Amazon

• Download link to get the free Kindle app

How to get started

Follow the three steps below to share an instant book preview or add one to your site. For information on API solutions or to provide other feedback, please send us an email at


In your desktop browser, search for the Kindle book you want to share.


Click the "Embed" link next to the other sharing options to get the Kindle instant preview.


Copy the URL or embed the HTML code to share.

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