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Reviewed in Australia on 28 November 2021
The product does work as expected. It has a few design flaws though:
- The power adapter is plugged in at the bottom side of the lid, as well as the pump cable. This plug has to permanently hold against gravity and it does not have much friction resistance.
- I have noticed that pump and fan are turning off sometimes even if their switch indicator LED is still showing that they should run - I apply the generic IT solution here, turning it off and on again. This happens about once a day.

This product requires some conical turf/sponges to germinate your seeds. You get some with this package, but if you ever cursed on why ink printers are so cheap and the ink then is more expensive than gold, this is an experience you might repeat. At least at the moment you get 100 cones for an acceptable price here: - the product own webstore sells them for more money.
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