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Reviewed in Australia on 28 September 2015
Lee Child is our favourite author. We have every one of his books. This book was good, much better than the previous one 'PERSONAL' which we found to be the worst one yet from Lee Child. But I think Lee could do better than this. I know it must be hard to come up with a different story every year, but to keep Reacher interesting, I feel that it may be time to go back into his army days and produce a story that shows what Reacher was. And how he dealt with things as it was then.
We all love Reacher and we wait patiently for each book. Normally, when the new book is available, Amazon deliver to my Kindle on the first day. I can never put it down until I have read it all. But with these last two books, the excitement has gone out of the chapters.
Come on Lee, have a good rest and give Reacher one hell of a story that will keep his fans on edge until the last page.
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