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Reviewed in Australia on 8 December 2021
this is marketed as a premium product - so why is so much funky and controlling?

1) we are not planning to use prime video or music but prime is continually pushed
2) we watch content on Stan and Paramount+ via the firestick but searching for content via voice, tries to get us to sign up for a second time to these services to access the content.
3) we regularly get a black screen - I assume it has crashed
4) Every now and then it loses sound with our receiver. Have to re-add or restart the stick
5) the remote has four buttons as shortcuts but no native way to assign them to different content services
6) Third party ways to reassign the shortcut buttons can only reassign the two no amazon buttons
7) I have yet to find a reasonably good way to find content that I am currently working through. The should be listed in recently viewed but aren't
8) when doing advance setup of tvs, says that server is unreachable but can continue by another route
9) navigation of tv brands is unsuitable for the number of brands. Have to press the down for about five minutes to get to the zs

So yes it can be made to work but much more clunky than it should be.
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