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Reviewed in Australia on 21 December 2020
I can say that I HATE the layout of the Mx Keys.
I have been using a Logitech Switch Bluetooth Keyboard for the last few years which I love, but needed the built in Numbers pad.

The biggest issue is Logitech have halved the size of the left hand shift key!
After a week of trying to retrain my left hand while typing I still regularly hit the key next to the LH shift.

Also, the key to the right of this shift key is now the “`~ “ key which is normally to the left of the number “1” key. This means When trying to switch between windows in an app, you have to retrain your hand away from normal keyboard and what the MacBook layout is.

They have made an inconsistent design choice with the symbols above teh number keys (very confusing) though it is not a deal breaker for me.

I would also prefer a little more room around the arrow keys to make them easier to find by feel, but I guess I will learn eventually.

Unfortunately the half sized shift key and added key might be reason for return if I can’t get used to it.
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