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Reviewed in Australia on 20 October 2021
After almost 20 years Matthew Reilly concludes the Jack West Jnr saga with one last run through the wringer. Oddly for the grand finale, The One Impossible Labyrinth is the most constrained, linear and somewhat rushed book of the seven that is tightly written well edited but seems to lack the scope of the previous novels.

The story bounces from one maze to the next and... That's it. Basically one long conclusion that ties up all the loose ends it's a satisfying enough ending if not somewhat predictable.

The deaths in the book are earnt given the length of the series, however Reilly almost revels in the torture porn at odds with the general humour and light action in the rest of the story.

As someone who really did not like the last book after returning to the series after a long break, TOIL is less aggregious with toned down commentary on the church and modern politics and pop culture references.

On the one hand Reilly explains everything on the other any science behind the final revelation is cursary at best and the story would have benefited from even more time at the end explaining how Earth ( and the moon ) came to be, who the civilisation actually was that actually seeded everything and some of the science behind the magic.

Reilly knows what he likes and writes for people who like it. He can describe his own images as long as you don't overthink the science behind it all.

The author smartly avoids bashing Jesus/Christianity and the Church in this one without his own opinions coming through for a change.

A great series, but I'm glad it's over.
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