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Reviewed in Australia on 12 November 2021
Clunky, rushed and a bit blah. I'm really sad about how this one turned out. I've been a devoted fan of the author since the late 1990's but this was probably the hardest book to finish I've ever read. It honestly reads like a teenaged first-timer wrote it.

I got the impression the purpose of the book was to tie up loose ends so the author can move on to other projects.

The flash-backs answered un-asked questions from previous books but they were erratic and not really necessary.

The action was rushed, superficial and a bit dull, which truly pains me to say. I got a little tired of people dying only to find they have miraculously survived. The author has proven he's better than that, he doesn't have to rely on cheesy plot devices for thrills.

Why are scenes from just a few pages ago summarised so often? I just read it, I understand what's happening. This isn't a TV show, I don't need a 'Previously, on OIL'.

I've never left this author a negative review before, even after the weird teen-sex and rape themes of The Tournament so it's sad to say but I'm glad this series is over. Hopefully whatever Matt writes next will be because he wants to, this felt like he wrote it because he was obliged to.
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