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Reviewed in Australia on 24 December 2018
After several fitness/sleep trackers that had broken or didn't do as advertised, I decided to try the Withings HR Sport.
The watch itself is quite heavy due to steel construction compared to the plastic of most others. To me, it gives a good weight and seems very robust.
I primarily purchased for sleep tracking and general fitness which it does a very good job of tracking. There are 30 activities to choose from for the fitness tracking though I've yet to test the majority. Vibration through the watch for notifications is strong enough to be felt but not so intrusive as to be annoying.
Notifications though on a small screen are easy to read and provide enough detail to know if it's worth checking on the phone or dismissing.
I'm very impressed with the battery life - I've had the device for 3 weeks now and it is only down to 45%. This is with notifications on. I don't use the phone/GPS which I would assume more drain, however, compared to my previous trackers, this blasts them away (best I could manage was 7 days with notifications off on my previous tracker).
The fact that the watch itself uses mechanical hands (albeit electrically driven), means it is easily read in the sun and doesn't require button pushing or wrist spinning to get it to work. The hands aren't illuminated so can't be seen in the dark, however, pushing the button will light up the screen with the time and date if needed.
The only downside is the grey hands on a grey face can be awkward to pick in low light with older eyesight. In hindsight, I would probably go the white rather than black just for the contrast.

Overall, this is an excellent watch/fitness tracker with enough smarts to satisfy basic smartwatch needs - I can highly recommend this product.
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