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Reviewed in Australia on 10 March 2022
This book is for lovers of stories like The Da Vinci Code, lots of action, story pivotal to religion and a stoic hero or two. Joe Mason has a military career that killed his friends and destroyed his marriage. He now works for a private security firm, and is sent to Vatican City as the personal protection of a researcher, Professor Rusk who along with his daughter Sally as a research assistant, has been granted access to the Vatican archives.
While on duty with his fellow security person Roxy (a woman he is trying to figure out), someone breaks into the archives and steals a well guarded secret book. The chase is then on. Joe and Roxy soon form an alliance as they set off on a journey with the daughter of the researcher, Sally trying to piece together clues to lead them to the book.
The story moves through Israel, Paris and Iraq at a cracking pace. There are multiple 'car chase' scenes and each time our heroes seem to bounce back only to come up against the next obstacle.
Happy to recommend to anyone that likes a fast paced, thriller.
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