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Reviewed in Australia on 4 April 2020
I’m just over half way through this book but I couldn’t wait a moment longer to leave a 5 star review.

This is a book for the ages. A masterpiece of contextual thinking. One that makes you feel everything, think differently about everything and bask in the genius and sensitivity of the literary delivery.

I learned about Glennon on Brené Browns podcast, which was beyond interesting, but contained only really a glimpse of her deep insight and inspiring humility.

This book is a collection of stories, metaphors and musings that could not be more relevant to the current socio-cultural climate.

I am learning, growing and feeling deep grace with every page I read.

If you are sitting there trying to decide whether to purchase this book - you must! It is an investment in yourself, your family and your role in the future of humanity.

Thank you Glennon for such a groundbreaking piece of work. 🙏🏻
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