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Reviewed in Australia on 27 August 2018
Cassidy did everything with Preston, they were the perfect couple, but they started to drift apart, finally after Preston forgets something significant to Cassidy she knows that she has to end it.
Heading to break things off with Preston, she does but he quickly leaves being called to work, and she bumps into Dr Lowe, the start to talk and he seems unsure of himself, and, lets her know Preston doesn’t treat her right and needs to grow up and she should break up with him, Cassidy lets him know that she just did.
Dr Lowe comforts her, but then kisses her, neither wanting to stop, unable to fight the need within them, but he gets a phone call from the hospital. Afterwards, they can’t seem to fight the attraction between them, anytime they are together the fireworks explode.
Everything is perfect, the only thing they can’t agree on is when to tell Preston, Cassidy doesn’t want it to ruin the little relationship Dr Lowe has with his son. They both realise that they want to keep seeing each other and that they have to tell Preston.
Everything works against them, Preston, he’s schedules, as a doctor, the age difference, but it always feels so right when they are together. What happens when everyone finds out about them can they survive.
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