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Reviewed in Australia on 12 October 2021
Nice and sturdy, the motor works smoothly and quietly. I wish I’d bought one sooner. An issue is that you need a drill for some parts (even though 80% of holes are pre-drilled), which was annoying because I didn’t have one and with CoVID there were big delivery delays. I used a hammer and a nail to pierce the wood and make a hole then a motorised screw driver to drive it the rest of the way. The instructions are also unclear particularly step 5, which says “the distance between the two sides shall be no more than 200mm”. They mean the total sum of the distance between both legs and the sides should be no more than 20cm. There are pre-drilled holes, if you used them you’re fine. Also the rattling some people observe is from some parts not being tightened properly. If you tighten everything it works really smoothly. The top of the desk does pick up every finger print so you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning it but the colour I find helps me focus so I would choose it again even though it closes up the room.
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