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Reviewed in Australia on 3 June 2019
I absolutely love Asher and Briar!
This is a really great start to this group of characters and I can't wait for more.
I loved their relationship, the push and pull and aaaaallllll the angst.

The *only* thing I really wished was that Briar was a smidge older. Like in the very beginning she is 14 and Asher is 17. I get that nothing *major* happened, and I feel like the relationship is very believable at this age (Based on my own recollection of teens at that age), but I would have felt slightly less icky if Briar had been even 15.
Throughout the book I just kept wondering why she was 17 and not 18. I think it would have been absolutely perfect if Briar had *just* been that one year older.
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