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Reviewed in Australia on 8 April 2020
Along with very many other customers I am extremely disappointed to find there is no full screen clock and the same customisation as the echo five. The only reason I tried the Amazon device is because they allowed linking to Microsoft Outlook calendars, and Apple Music, which Google home can’t do. Clearly Google is much better with searches and questions and looks much more modern and streamlined. Even the fonts and images on the Amazon device look old-fashioned and cheap. But the kicker is that it cannot be used As a full screen clock an I’m completely disappointed. I basically don’t want this device, I could probably make do with the five even though it’s essentially too small all over for my room, but it has a beautiful full screen clock (the plain green background is gorgeous) . Don’t buy this until Amazon decide to give us a very basic and practical “skill” with the full screen clock and the customisable backgrounds.
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