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Reviewed in Australia on 6 April 2019
I was an avid user of Belkin Wemo smart switches (I had 7 in total) until they left the market a year or so ago. As such, I decided to give the TP-Link Smart Plugs a go. Have to say I have not been disappointed - so much so that I now have 9 of them spread throughout the house. Unlike the Wemo's I haven't had any issues with the TP-Link switches becoming unreachable. The TP-Link's simply work - and work well. They are almost instantaneous when you switch them on or off via the app. They also work well with Amazon Alexa (I haven't tried them with Google Home yet). I currently use them around the house for such things such as:

1. turning the beer fridge off Sunday night and turning it back on again Friday morning so I have a cold beer when I finish work for the week (saves a fair bit of electricity);

2. turning the decorative lights on and off to a schedule in the kids bedroom.

3. activating the garden lights at sunset each night via Stringify;

4. being able to remotely power cycle a secondary router I have on the home network;

5. when Christmas comes around, set the Christmas Tree lights to turn on and then off at certain times.

In short, I'm extremely happy with them. I'm just hoping that TP-Link releases their dimmer light switches in Australia soon so I can convert the light switches in the house.
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