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Reviewed in Australia on 14 October 2021
The Lost Fisherman. I don't even know how to break down all the emotions I felt reading this book. My words cannot do it justice. I simply cannot convey how deeply touched I was by everything that was this story. I will never be quite the same. It has left such a deep and ingrained impression on me. I can't pinpoint exactly which scene was so profound that I have not been able to enjoy a book quite like I used to. The connection between the two leading characters began at chapter one, book one. That connection strengthened throughout and became unbreakable in book two. Literally everything was laid bare in The Lost Fisherman. Jewel E Ann left nothing a mystery. Warts and all, you got the honest, hard fought love story that will live on in your mind and heart. Forever. It was also the little things that was so significant. My senses were heightened. My craving was insatiable. My horizons broadened. My prayers answered. I am waffling on, but to get the sense of the entirety of this book, I am trying to convey just how pivotel this story was at this particular time. When everything is crazy and uncertain, here comes this brazen, bare and unadulterated marvel that shocked me right to the very core. Left me breathless. Never to be unaffected again. I have remained in this euphoric state for days. Also this saddened state because this journey has reached its conclusion. But this is exactly what rereads are for. To recapture that intense and hard to explain feeling of absolute completeness and contentment. I love the book world, and it's a much better place with Jewel E Ann in it. This author brings that wow factor to the table, and nothing is ever the same. There is always that something extra and so special that I take away from each book this author releases. It’s a crazy addictive feeling like no other. Infinity stars.
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