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Reviewed in Australia on 21 June 2019
Cute concept but for some reason it is very difficult to pick up balls from the bottom. May depend on your floor surface but I've tried on hardwood and carpet and it can be annoying unless you get it at just the right angle. Even then you have to roll the contraption over it a few times to actually pick up the ball. Also, if the ball rolls toward the edge of the room (i.e. a wall), the toy is too big to pick up the ball. You might spend a lot of time retrieving balls for your child to roll over at a particular ngle!

The height of the toy is also fairly short so my 2.5 year old is bent over at what looks like an uncomfortable position to me. Unfortunately he lost interest in it fairly quickly but hopefully it is more fun for children just learning to get confident in walking.

It does appear very well built and sturdy though.
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