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Reviewed in Australia on 15 December 2021
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 I want to add to my review and show what is a total piece of cheap trash. Watch the video to show that a pile of crap there selling. If you dare to say play a 4K video then you’ll likely get this picture bonus that comes and goes it’s astonishing how out of touch Amazon is to the crap they prevail. To make matters worse in order to return the trash you have to call there customer service and go through endless pointless processes to prove there fire tv stick is in fact junk and of the poorest quality. You can’t just return it like a simple thing. One would guess it’s as they know it’s trash and want to make you give up and throw it away. And not have to replace the poorest quality crap I have seen to date.

The picture is worth more than any words I can come up with.

You can make your own decisions

I am amazed that no one else has discovered that the remote plastic doesn’t for properly and is loose so it endlessly squeaks that’s wonderful and what a bargain basement junk effort for the new fast streaming stick.

It happened on the 4K version as well but oddly the USA version doesn’t squeak and fits correctly so again the junk goes to the idiots in Australia. I can’t stand squeaky poorly made products. It’s so bad that I have even tried the 6 other remotes to see if the cover or the remote is the issue. It’s the remote

Cheap mistake that ruins a somewhat useful device. Well apart from the hiddious interface and complete lack of apps that would be useful.

There is also the Amazon tried and true color space issues that you’d think by now they would address leaving purple and green haze on HDR CONTENT on Amazon videos or perhaps that’s there atrocious post production quality.

The remote sux.
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