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Reviewed in Australia on 9 July 2021
Quality control
Product is very obviously well made, I've used it many times now to exercise in and it shows now signs of wear-and-tear.

Slender calves/little compression power
The only aspect that has a lack of satisfaction for me is that the compression on my calves could be a bit more powerful. I sadly confess that I do have slender calves, and so the product will provide more benefit for others, but for people like me, it's not exceedingly beneficial.

Fit on the foot
I did try another brand, Azengear.
This brand too, was not very beneficial for my slender calves... and worse still, their fit on the foot is not very good ~ it's a smaller than usual fit, so you will have to size up, making the compression on your slender calves even less noticeable.
In that respect, this Physix brand is far better - there sizing on the foot is true/as expected.

In conclusion
The Physix brand has a good fit-on-the foot, it's pretty true to the suggested size.
The quality of the sock is excellent.
Does not offer much (if any) compression for people with slender calves.

My solution:
I have ordered the Azengear Calf Sleeves.
The foot sizing may be poor, but Calf Sleeves don't come with a 'foot' section, so I can order the correct size for my calf (as opposed to compression socks - where you can't go one size smaller to fit your calves because then it doesn't fit your foot).
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