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Reviewed in Australia on 30 September 2021
Great product, Terrible quality control

I've been using the Quest 2 on and off for nearly a month now.
The Quest 2 is an awesome product for the price. It's been fantastic.
However The Quest 2 has 2 cameras that are used for passthrough (The ability to see infront if you with the headset on) the first Quest 2 I recieved had Had a growing number of dead pixels (Stuck at bright white) in the left passthrough camera starting out at 2 dead pixels and growing to 6 by the end of the first week, Amazon were helpful in senting out a replacement and providing printable labels to put on the box to send my first Quest back.
The second Quest 2 I recieved also had dead pixels, but in the right passthrough camera this time. believing that the product I ordered shouldn't have flaws like this I asked amazon customer support what I should do about it and they sent out another replacement.
I recieved the 3rd Quest 2 today and yet again there are dead pixels in one of the passthrough cameras, and also one in the main screens themselves.
I am giving up trying to get a unflawed product and I am just going to stick with the 2nd Quest as the passthrough dead pixels were not growing in number and the screens themselves are fine.
I hope you all have better luck then I.

3 defective/flawed products. fortunately its cheap so I'll just keep the best of the bunch unless more problems appear.
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