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Reviewed in Australia on 24 March 2019
Although a large percentage of the 2300 plus books I have read since January 2000 are audio, mostly from Audible, I feel this is a case where you need a print edition. With non-fiction books I like to mark the margin in pencil to identify key points, then create my own index, and that is certainly the case here. Although James provides a chapter summary, which is most useful, the items that have relevance for you are worth noting.
James kindly sent me chapter 1, as he no doubt did to tens of thousands on his mailing list. I found this most interesting and prompted me to buy two copies (one to loan to friends) in due course. On reflection it occurred to me that there are 1440 minutes in the day, 1% being 14.4 minutes. Round that up to 15 minutes – a quarter of an hour. All of us can devote 1% a day to a desired project, and over time that adds up. I decided that apart from whatever else I was doing in the writing field, preparing my novel THE PRICE TO PAY and a collection of 25 short stories – THE FORK IN THE ROAD – to go on Kindle, etc. I would devote 1% a day to writing a new short story. Consequently, since the end of October 2018 I have written 8 stories with a word count of a bit over 38,000 words. I do acknowledge that when the creative process is upon me and I am nearing the end I might get up at 4:30 am and write for a couple of hours, but it has been an excellent discipline.
I believe that anyone who wants to improve their productivity, refine the process by which they achieve this and become more efficient in achieving your goals, ATOMIC HABITS is a book to read, then read again and again. Thank you James for your excellent ‘Giving Attitude’ – you deserve all your success and are entitled to enjoy both the tangible and the intangible moments as you pass the markers along Success Road.
Eric J Drysdale – em:
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