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Reviewed in Australia on 29 August 2019
I’ve read many self improvement books but this is the only one that has absolutely made a difference and boy did I need it.

The author writes incredibly well and this book is very logical and relatable. He demonstrates his ideas as well with graphs and everything makes so much SENSE. The very small incremental improvements we can make in our lives not only add up Over time and done so gradually it takes no effort or feelings of deprivation (when losing a bad habit) but COMPOUND, i.e. we earn interest on our interest. I have never been good at goal setting and I severely lack motivation.... or so I thought until I read this book.

Now, I am eating really healthily, exercising (something that used to be an effort), I have switched my bottle of wine a night habit to herbal tea and I look and feel like a different person. I have even had friends Comment on how awesome I look and how happier and more positive I am!
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