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Reviewed in Australia on 27 November 2021
What a let down! I have read all of the Jack Reacher books, and I am a big fan. When I saw the latest book was available for pre-order, I did just that, and was pleased to see it pop up in my kindle.
Some Jack Reacher books are better than others, but they all range from quite good to very good. That was before this one. Lee Child, it is not clear the extent you were involved in the creation of this book, but you should be embarrassed to be associated with it. Poor plot, child-like writing style, rambling, unnecessary descriptions, and an almost total departure from the Jack Reacher character.
If you have decided to cut back on your writing, you should allow Jack Reacher a dignified departure, and leave behind a proud legacy of great books, instead of having your loyal readers spend their money on sub-standard books like this. Thanks for years of entertainment Lee, but RIP Jack Reacher.
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