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Reviewed in Australia on 27 May 2020
Great little unit for clearing out odors in the apartment. Purchased primarily to assist in managing odor and cooking fragrances in a small unit during winter, where it's less desirable to be opening windows to 'air out' when you have the heater on. The air purifier has no smart stats or detection software - which is fine; we knew what we were purchasing, the more involved or potentially sensitive buyer should look at higher tiers if they want the particle count and detection in their units. Noise wise, at the lower fan setting it is very quiet, something you can easily have run at night without too much disruption to your sleep cycle - on the loudest it is like a PS4 on maximum fan and can be quite noisey but i am sure for most scenarios where you need it, it's only for a short time. To date we have used this to help manage the odors from heater units (that burnt dusty smell), cooking from the stove top and finally general air circulation in the home office. Next step is for spring when the pollen hits - hopefully be able to manage the pollen levels within the house during said season. Overall highly recommend this for your entry level users and even more mature who know what they want and need.
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