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Reviewed in Australia on 16 July 2018
This was a great book to read.I would recommend this book for everyone who is a fan of funny, an easy read and humor that comes naturally for the author and illustrator. This is one of the top in the series. I love how the author is creative and though funny a little realistic. Without giving the story away the levels are crazy and odd. For example a $2 shop beside a $2 million shop as well as some levels I'd love to habe such as the money (and honey) machine and a burp bank. This is an action packed story that I recommend for %110 of children and adults. The treehouse series just gets better and better.
This is a book that will change writing forever.
This is a book I would recommend the world reading.
This the treehouse series.
They have come to change childrens reading forever!
For the better!
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