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Reviewed in Australia on 10 September 2020
“But part of the feeling was knowing the terrible hold he’d had over her, and still had, and could not foresee ever losing.”

Normal People is a love story about on and off relationship between Connell and Marianna who met in high school and leads on right throughout college.

This book is defiantly not for a younger audience.

I found this book compelling. In saying that it was very slow at some points, but pushing through those parts was worth it. Once I got into it I was committed.
The characters were easy to get to know, but not easy to work out. It was easy to love and hate at times.
The book felt a little bit awkwardly written at first as I am used to reading first-person perspectives but once I got into it; it was pleasant. It has defiantly changed my view on both this style of writing and this style of book and the type of book.

Normal People was a very mature book compared to what I usually read, but I enjoyed it.

Defiantly not for the younger audience.
All in all, I would recommend this book to people who love unconventional love stories, third-person books, and books that follow one or two characters.
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