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Reviewed in Australia on 8 January 2022
I purchased the 100 piece set for my 4 year old grandson. Whilst the tiles themselves are sturdy, a good size and good quality, anything you attempt to build collapses completely if you bump even one tile slightly. The age range is 3+ but children this age are going to get very disenchanted very quickly with it if their creation keeps collapsing before they've even finished. I tried building a rocket to surprise him but even I gave up as it kept collapsing. The idea booklet that comes with this set has very limited ideas for the 100 piece set, it also includes ideas for other sets with different shapes. The booklet should be for the individual set, clearly a ploy to get you to purchase other sets. Given the price I wouldn't purchase any more. My grandson is already an expert with Lego so we will stick with that. Very disappointed.
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