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Reviewed in Australia on 30 July 2021
I bought 2 of these today to have in my kids' rooms so they can listen to music and books from audible.

Firstly, I find it a bit slow to respond, however I can live with it.
My major problem with it is, I can't seem to select what song to play by using the touch screen, I have to use voice commands. I don't always know the song I want to play, I want to browse for it on the device - but I can't! And I can't select playlists either. It's similar with the books. You can use a voice command or you have select the book from your phone - you can't scroll through on the device. Well, I'd like the kids to independently use the device without needing my phone all the time.
Also, I can't seem to disable all videos on the device! There needs to be a restriction option to disable all videos. I don't want my kids to be able to watch videos on the device whenever they want.
At this stage I'm a bit disappointed :(
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