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Reviewed in Australia on 2 April 2020
I spent over 1k hoping for a good all round security layout with cameras in three locations. I am amazed that this product is sold at all.
1) You have to connect to in order to view camera footage.
2) because of 1, live feed or historical feed is slow and misses major parts of the "video" footage. So say someone walks to the front door, you see one picture at the start and the next thing they are at the door knocking, thats NOT video.
3) due to 1 and 2, there is no allowance to install and configure the cameras through your own network for fast responses.
4) when someone approaches, by the time Alexa loads the voice and video app that has to go through, they are already fed up and leave, say goodbye to your deliveries and go to the post office because Alexa can't open the app in time.

Overall, I feel that I just flushed over 1k down the toilet. After screwing the cameras to brick wall it's a task to take it all back.

There is no warnings about this product may not work as expected in Australia due to slow internet.... here's your warning.

At least, they should sell a hub connected to your local lan that acts as, that would speed things up greatly, but money hungry subscription lords have decided internet feeds only :(

not happy...
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