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Reviewed in Australia on 8 May 2021
After about 6 months of use, I have no long term bad things about this product, adhesive is some of the best I've ever seen, I have experienced no dead LED's or other problems, the top half of the remote is easy to navigate and works just fine, I am probably just uneducated in the bottom half but I don't have a use for it so does not bother me. Now for any of those expecting anything more than the remote or app layout for $20, you are dreaming my friend, it's as simple as it gets, the recording feature is a bit icky but not sure who actually uses that and same with the music feature. But the other 3 tabs can be understood by any amateur and all the other features work as intended.

Longer cable, quite awkward to put on the ceiling and cover up the short cable with a raceway when the cable should be longer anyway to reach the floor from an average ceiling height.
Not sure what is up with the music feature but there are only 3 songs, maybe I'm missing something but if there is someway to become compatible with Spotify or apple music and whatever the android equivalent is, that would be great.
Again I could be missing something but give different length options for the product, that would be awesome and I'm sure many could agree.

These are imo the absolute best 'affordable' LED's, and I will stand by that. I think almost comparable to Govee, some of the best strip LED's on the market. Anyone, who has a bad review that relates to dead lights, damaged product or complains about the remote or Bluetooth app, that is fault of the shipping AKA amazon, or the carelessness of the customer handling or expecting something "advanced" from the controllers. What you are paying for, is what your getting, but with outstanding quality and value than almost anything else for the same price.

There is nothing to complain about for $20, and as I stated if your product is faulty in anyway, that is not the doing of the brand but the shipping or the customer, fight me on it but my product works 100% as intended and that will be my only argument and you will lose. So have a nice day and if you need some LED's, buy these :)
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