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Reviewed in Australia on 18 April 2022
I was after a nice big bedside clock to replace my Echo Dot (that ended up being smaller than I was hoping so the clock is often hard to see).
The hardware of this device is pretty good, nice looking like most "Echo" devices. However it is let down by awful software.
I configured the device to show a clock, that's all. But what would actually happen is the clock would fade out, and then snap back in to the.... you guessed it, clock. Fade out, snap back, fade out snap back.
Now, in the corner of your eye, this is somewhat psychosis inducing.
Seems to be a whole lot of "workarounds" on the internet to "fix" it. But none that actually worked.
The only other problem is the general sluggishness of the menu's which suggests the CPU is under-powered, or again, the software is poorly optimized.
I used it for about 3 hours before I packet it up again and returned it. I'll stick with my hard to see Echo Dot, thanks.
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