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Reviewed in Australia on 14 July 2018
The series feels very rushed, just like n the book how their publisher expects a new book in half a day, except they havent had half a day, they've had 1 whole year. There are around 30-40 pages of filler in the book that includes the caracters climbing the never ending staircase. A situation that wastes the readers time, a concept they have touched on before in Once upon a Slime that includes writing techniques , one being wasting the readers time. They showw how they have used this before in the Bad Book. However, in tthe Bad Books case, it was a joke book. Not meant t be taken seriously. However, this is Andy and Terry's most popular and praised series. And now its just used as a technique for the publisher and authors to make as much money as possible from fans of the books. Its even admitted at th end that most of the story shouldn't have happened. There even are "jokes" throughout the book that are just usd to get the text to pad out. In conclusion, I dont really like the series anymore. I've been following Andy and Terry for a very long time and i've read all of their books and classics like The Cat on the mat is flat, What bumosaur is that and The 13 Storey Treehouse. Now, with thiss release, the series haa lost its magic. I dont like Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton any more.
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