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Reviewed in Australia on 7 June 2015
I have read two previous novels by Matthew Reilly, Ice Station and Hell Island, and didn't particularly enjoy either. They both had plenty of action and a fast-moving plot, but I found the suspension of disbelief required too great for a military-techno thriller. Troll Mountain, however, is different. not in terms of action or plot - it has plenty of action and the plot races along - but it is written as a fantasy, and that allows a much greater level of suspension of disbelief. Not that it was required as much, I didn't find much that was really hard to accept.

This also would appear to be Reilly's first foray into the world of children's books. There is nothing in here that would upset a young reader - there is a clear moral to the story, and there are few shades of grey, characters are generally either good or evil, not much nuance to be found here. I suspect some fans of his previous novels may find this a bit simplistic and perhaps a little disappointing. I found it very enjoyable, although not challenging.
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