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Reviewed in Australia on 19 October 2021
Dolby Vision and 4k HLG UHD output is good.
Interface is overcrowded with advertising and limited app access - awkward to use.
No KAYO app for Australian users in the Amazon App store.
AX wireless is ok, but tends not to share 5GHz band very well with capable wireless access points and AC devices sharing the same band - AC devices that usually operate flawlessly in concert with other 5GHz AX devices tend to lose connectivity - perhaps from incorrect RADAR detection from the Fire TV 4k max AX output. Does not seem to play fairly with other AX devices as well - appears to no have shareable band AX optimisation enabled. When I remove the power from the FireTV 4k max, no issues.
Plex TV is good, Netflix dolby Vision enabled, but lack of TrueHD audio output means TrueHD Dolby Master ATMOS ot DTS-HD DTS-X tracks are transcoded to non atmos AC3 audio - Atmos is removed from the stream in the process, so this is a real miss and deal breaker for me. And the single usb port for power makes using external storage and wired high speed gigabit ethernet options as complicated and basically not available - the usb interface is not fast enough to handle full bandwidth gigabit ethernet.
You are much better of with a NVIDIA Sheild that appropriately supports these audio modes with better external connectivity and gigabit ethernet for high bandwidth media consumption and high definition audio modes.
Performance is pretty quick and snappy.
Remote goes into sleep mode, and frequently first click is not received and needs to be repeated.
The lack of UHD matching Audio capability is a real miss, and I assume results simply from not paying the correct licensing fees to support them - the internal hardware of the device is definitely capable of doing so. Maybe a future software upgrade will sort this. Finger crossed.
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