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Reviewed in Australia on 20 April 2022
Doesn't talk to my TV (the remote) but I don't care and my TV is about 7 or so years old anyway, so that's 0 issue as I have a TV remote anyway.

This is my 2nd stick, more modern than the last. Nothing was wrong with the other, I just wanted to upgrade so I can give mum and dad mine as they have an old TV, nothing smart about that antiquated fossil, but it works on that too.

So, this one, as usual, very easy to set up. Literally no more than 10 mins Max as I restored settings as it knew I unplugged the other.

The old one was just as easy and came ready to plug in and go basically.

It has absolutely everything I need, I use way more than foxtel.

Alexa works, even with my kiwi accent.

I've bought three all up because they're SO worth it!!!!
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