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Reviewed in Australia on 4 April 2018
I've had an Echo Dot (Alexa) from Amazon for a while now and wanted to add some smart devices to it, so I bought this and two Philips Hue bulbs to try it out. The set up took a bit of concentration, but before long I had the lights connected to wifi via the Hue Smart Bridge and was controlling it all via my phone. Step one done.

Then it came time to connect it to Alexa. The downside here is that I had to link my Amazon account to the Philips Hue system in order for it to work. This technically means a computer somewhere on the Internet is relaying messages from my Echo Dot to the Hue Bridge for me (even thought they're only meters from each other). The advantage is that I can control the lights from Alexa but also from anywhere via the app. Good fun.

At the end of the day, there's a great satisfaction controlling the lights in the house via Alexa. I've got a few other smart devices since and Alexa can control them all. I'm pretty sure there are a lot more things I could start doing with this system. I feel like I've only just started scratching the surface.
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