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Reviewed in Australia on 1 January 2021
Compared to the elastic strap this is an absolute dream and I would say is essential is you find the stock headset heavy. The battery gives a couple of extra hours play time and really balances out the headset. I would say it probably doubles the weight but as it is balanced you will not notice any difference. I hope in Quest 3 they take the battery out of the front completely as it makes no logical sense but that's another story. I really want to give this 4 stars as the price is just a little too high but I guess we are still the early adopters of this tech so cant really complain. If you have a Quest 2 I would say this is essential for sessions of longer than 30mins. The price sucks but bite the bullet and you wont regret it I don't think. There were also rumours of these breaking but in my experience I cant see this happening unless you were to stand on the arm(s) with some force. Build quality is really nice.
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