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Reviewed in Australia on 18 December 2019
I wanted to upgrade from a Garmin Vivosmart 4 HR, and made a huge mistake by getting this Steel HR Sport. I did so after reading some reviews. I found the following problems.
The length of stride cannot be adjusted. It is set at 0.8 metre (my walking stride is 0.75 metre), so all distances are incorrect. Also, there is no difference in stride between running and walking.
The calories used is hoplessly inaccurate. I consume 2,200 - 2,600 per day, depending upon my exercise routine. The Steel never showed more than 1,700. It never recorded calories burned at gym on the cross-trainer or the bike, which usually were 300+.
Unlike the Garmin, it does not recognise when you are on a cross-trainer, or stepper machine, or rowing machine. So this exercise is never shown or recognised on the app at all. The only thing shown is the steps walking to and from the gym.
The only use for this watch, in my opinion, is to count steps and monitor your sleep. Even the max heart rate recorded is inaccurate. I have exchanged several emails with Withers support (no local phone presence) and their only comment was that they would suggest my problems as a software upgrade in due course. I have had the watch for 5 days and hope that Amazon will take it back.
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