Customer Review

Reviewed in Australia on 29 May 2020
Was comparing Philips 2000 with cheaper and more portable alternatives. But thought, since this purchase is meant to last for at least a decade, why invest in cheaper solution, sacrificing speed of filteration. Who knows what dusty situations you may be in 10 years.

Biggest advantage is air filter is 27x35cm. This is huge surface area to capture dust. Larger then A4 sheet of paper.

Second main advantage is it's silent sleep (SL) mode. Which produces soothing, gentle "ffffff" sound. Kind of like brown noise at low volume. With strong enough blow that it can still lift up the weight of A4 sheet of paper.

In conclusion, unit is appropriate (in my opinion) in 2 environments: (1) next to you at home, without it disturbing your studies (2) sleep.
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