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Reviewed in Australia on 27 September 2021
I bought this after it had a lot of good reviews and I wanted something convenient for my car.

I noticed on many other retailers websites it comes with a dashboard "anchor" mount that sticks directly to the dashboard. For whatever reason this was not included with the product I received - although I suspect it would fix the problem with this mount.

I have vertically oriented vents in my car.
The clip for vents is pretty much useless for these. It does not go anywhere near deep enough into the vent. As a result, any sideways movement of the car (i.e. going round a corner) means that the device pulls the vents and points 45 degrees in either direction. After a few minutes of driving, this repetitive movement is enough to make the device fall off.

The actual magnet and device itself appear well made, and the magnetic "lock" feels secure.

The ESR website specifically shows that this is compatible with vertically oriented vents - however - it is not functional in my experience in this scenario.

I have emailed the manufacturer to ask about the dashboard anchor mount - I'm pretty sure it would work very well with a stable mount - I'll see if they can send me one.

It seems there are two versions of this product available - one comes with the dashboard and anchor and one does not - I was not savvy enough to notice this when researching and ordering this product online.

If you have any concerns about vent compatibility I would get the one with the anchor.

If I am not able to get an anchor separately, I will return this product and purchase a version with the dashboard anchor.
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