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Reviewed in Australia on 21 April 2019
We always take our Nanopresso with us on trips and holidays. It makes a great espresso for such a tiny package. The downside was that it could only deliver a single shot of espresso at a time. You then had to clean the basket, dry the whole thing, refill and tamp the basket, reboil the water, etc. By the time the second shot was done, the first one had gone totally cold.
The Barista Kit solves the "coffee for one" limitation by providing two double-shot baskets, 1 additional single-shot basket, an extension ring to make room for the double-shot basket, and a larger water container. The result is that I can now fill and tamp two baskets. I fill the water container with enough water for two coffees, press the first, replace the basket and press the second. We now have two freshly made espressos (single or double shots depending on the time of day) both nice and hot. Perfect for a globe-trotting couple like us.
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