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Reviewed in Australia on 9 April 2022
Not a favourite but still a pleasant read that I stayed up late to finish.
Things hit close to home for Eve in this one. A body is left in the playground near where Mavis and her family, and Peabody and McNab are renovating their new home. It also brings up Mommy issues for Eve and I was glad to see she dealt with them extremely well. Eve even had a bit of payback to her own self as a child, which I found adorable.
I loved catching up with a host of characters that I really adore and seeing the progress on how their lives are moving forward. Having Jamie being a part of this was also fun. There is also a couple of characters that show a different side to themselves.
The interactions between everyone were as usual a pleasure.
But the story itself, though sad that two women lost their chance at a future, held little tension or edge of the seat excitement. I would have to say it pretty much coasted along with hardly a ripple for me.
The killer was a good twist and I will say I for once felt sorry for what happened to cause his snap.
But the biological mother’s viewpoint that we are given, by going back in time, just made me dislike her and find her a coward. If she had been a decent person, she would have not hidden with the doctor but tried to find out who she was, rather than have six decades of a happy life.
To then do what she did out of guilt was the trigger for the killer.
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