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Reviewed in Australia on 20 June 2020
Let's start with your expectations... If you currently own a Echo Show 5 and love it, then you will be disappointed.
If you don't own one, then you will imediately think this is great. Let's see why:

The Echo Show 5 and 8 are essentially the same looking unit, except of course the 8 is larger in every dimension, and it looks great. The screen is fantastic and responsive, the sound is awesome, enough said. The difference between the Show 5 and Show 8 from a user point of view has nothing to do with the hardware, but the software.

The Show 5 software works great as a bedside clock, so if you want a great tabletop clock get the Show 5, as the software revolves around this feature.
The Show 8 on the otherhand has the same software as the Show (10), and for the most part displays pretty useless information and totally wastes the large screen area that could be used for so much better use.

There is nothing wrong with this unit, it works great, and if you get it on special, it's even better, but amazon should be looking at these reviews and updating the software to allow the end user to select how and what gets displayed on the screen, and not think they know better. Anyway that's my two cents worth.
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