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Reviewed in Australia on 22 August 2019
When I visited Auschwitz I was left with an intense feeling of sadness, horror and disbelief. How could any human being treat a fellow human like this? Auschwitz is now a solemn monument to the horrors of the Holocaust. Silence is observed at all times.
This book provides an amazing insight into the workings of Auschwitz and the people who survived it. Through the story of Lale we learn of the everyday lives of the inmates but in particular the extraordinary survival skills of Lale. Somehow there is even humour. Lale is an exceptional person - he would stand out anywhere. How he survives three years at Auschwitz is a miracle.
When one reads books of fiction with fairytale endings we often reject them as fantastical. This book has a fairytale ending which is even more fantastical because of the events prior to it.
Lale never doubted he and Gita would make it out. In many ways they are proof that you make your own luck. I didn't believe it possible that someone in Auschwitz could be described as lucky.
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