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Reviewed in Australia on 14 September 2018
OK & easy enough to setup - works well.
but frustrates the heck out of you EVERY DAY you use it.

You want to arm/disarm it?
app takes 10 seconds before "mode" pops up... 10 seconds?!?!? (click on something on your computer & wait 10seconds every time...)
then you click in teh mode button and WAIT A FURTHER 5 SECONDS before you can arm/disarm the devices.
Can you imagine every time you open email/browser it takes 15seconds? How can making a button available take 15seconds in 2018?
it shows the appalling quality control & user experience from Netgear - they have no idea & dont care about users.

Detection works well, triggers reliably, night time etc work well. No false triggers too.

One of my 3 cameras battery also lasts no where near the others... not sure whats happening there.

It does work, but is infuriating every single day to use.
Update on battery life below.

App is close to unusable on android - will look at retuning this junk, its been almost a year of frustration.
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