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Reviewed in Australia on 20 October 2021
Fantastic. All of the best traits from the original - ultralight, super-packable, 2-way valve, clever engineering for surprising comfort - plus a couple more, such as the pad strap + silicone texture on bottom to keep it from sliding away in the night, which is a real game-changer, & a soft, stretchy fabric for an even more pleasant texture on the face.
Still as strongly welded, & attractive.

As a side-sleeper, I put a folded jumper underneath to just give it that 2.5cm extra height it needs for ultimate comfort. I don't consider this a fault with the pillow, I just have particularly wide shoulders & a particularly long neck, so I need the additional support.

For the price, this is basically the best UL pillow on Amazon. Don't judge it against foam pillows; that's cheese + chalk, & unfair. Inflatables like this are designed for long-distance hikers, who are traveling as light as possible, & are willing to not just compromise but if necessary forgo the comforts of home to save a few extra grams, so their expectations of such luxuries are very minimalistic; in this field, & among *contemporary* products, the Trekology is a very comfy pillow, indeed.

I would honestly recommend it to anyone, any day of the week.
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