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Reviewed in Australia on 21 November 2018
Coming from few different "smart" bands/trackers with the most recent being Fitbit Versa, Withings Nokia Steel HR Sport is the best so far for my needs:
- Not loaded with unnecessary things like mp3 player
- Excellent battery life making it usable as an actual watch
- The app on Android is very light (both in design and loading the phone) and informative. I had no issue with syncing.
- No look-at-me style. Can easily pass as an ordinary clean looking watch
- Has vibrating alarm that actually works
- Step counter is not fooled by driving a car
- Built-in heart rate counter is accurate

I can think of only two down sides:
- If I wake up during the night and do something and then sleep back, the watch doesn't know I slept again so in the morning, it would register only short sleep duration.
- The watch face doesn't have fluorescent needles and numbers, so you have to press the button to see the time always.
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