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Reviewed in Australia on 20 June 2021
These camera's are great for what they are if you are happy to have wireless camera's. I have had ring camera's for a number of years now and although I had trouble to begin with as they have updated the firm wear and app features over the years they seem to be getting better. Still not perfect but no wireless camera is going to be. it does help if you have a decent speed though. (IE: 100/20 mbps) The difference I have found is although you pay for storage which I don't mind as it will never get stolen it also includes customer service witch I have found to be really good and so far have had no issues when I have had to call them. And if they have not been able to help or find the camera is faulty they will replace for you no problem at all. Can't ask for better than that. It just takes a little time to adjust to your circumstance so if you just be patient and play around with the settings ( or ring if you need help) you will have a great camera or camera's set up.
Only one downside is battery's depending on setting need charging around every couple of month's or monthly if you set to highest level as it pick's up all motion. For me to compensate for that I just brought another battery and for every camera I have and a charging doc so they all charge the same time and usually when I'm home I have them turned off in the app so they have lasted up to 4 month's for me.
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