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Reviewed in Australia on 12 January 2020
I am ecstatic about this purchase, of this tea; you could fairly call me devoTea-ed. I love this tea. More than love it, I am addicted to it. Between us, my husband and I own a collection of no less than thirty different kinds of tea, but this is my default brew for myself, and when make a general offer of a cuppa to visitors.
A bit of history (feel free to skip); I first discovered it years ago, when it was still consistently available in local supermarkets, and from the very first sniff of a bag while the kettle was boiling, I became addicted. It smelled like potpourri and it tasted like Heaven.
I began drinking it constantly. I served it to friends, just as my standard daytime tea offer (with T2's French Earl Grey, as my evening one), and everyone else loved it, too! I was always being asked where I got it, to expressions of surprise when I told them it was just a supermarket brand, and very cheap to buy - and then I would see it in those same friends pantries when I visited. It's simply gorgeous - and the perfect afternoon tea, taken with a spot of milk. The creaminess really helps to highlight the smooth vanilla edge in the tea.
One dark day, the local supermarkets didn't have it. Nor did the other ones in my City, when I went searching, though they maddeningly had *other* Dilmah Exceptional varieties. I hunted high and low. I asked friends in other Cities to look, for me. Nothing. Eventually, a couple of years later, it came back, and I was overjoyed. I returned to being a consistent consumer; a new box on every grocery shopping trip.
And then, some time later, it disappeared, again. This time, I didn't mess around; I went straight to the Dilmah site, and, greatly relieved to see that it was indeed still in production, I placed a massive order of 20 boxes for myself, plus requested quantities from the other people I had gotten hooked. It took a couple of weeks to arrive, but when it did, we actually had an impromptu tea party - sitting on the floor, amidst the torn ruins of all that postal packaging - at my house, to celebrate.

I did this for a while; whenever I was within 3 boxes of running out, I would place an order. It always took a while to arrive, and the shipping was quite expensive. And I had to order in such bulk, to spread out that freight expense and the hassle, that it seemed likely that by the time I got to the last few boxes, they probably weren't as fresh as they could be, but still. It was worth it.
Then Amazon told me in a sidebar advert one day that it now was stocking the stuff...I clicked right in and jumped on a monthly subscription faster than you can say Jack Robinson. Now my shipping is minimal, my tea is always timely, and always fresh. It's incredibly well-priced - it's almost like having it back at the supermarket.
I'm just about ready to kiss the seller's feet.
Five big shiny stars, and I wish I could give it six.

Serving suggestion; exquisite with Victoria Sponge, strawberry macarons/cupcakes, or scones with jam and cream. *Perfect* with Turkish Delight.
For additional perfume and a dusky emphasis to the flavour, steep long in a pot accompanied by a few buds of T2 Simply Rose. Resist adding sugar.
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