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Reviewed in Australia on 16 September 2021
Another great family dynamics book from this well known Australian author.
The Delaney family look like a normal family from the outside with parents Joy and Stan and four grown up children, living their own lives. Joy and Stan have recently retired from their successful tennis coaching business after 50 years and now have to find how to fill in their time. But looks can be deceiving, undercurrents run deep and with small flash backs we learn that our childhood can really shape the adult and not all was rosy in Joy and Stan’s marriage. It all comes to a head when a young woman named Savannah knocks on the Delaney parents door one night, claiming to be a victim of domestic violence and somehow she is embraced into the house, especially by Joy. And then a few months later after Savannah has left, Joy disappears and Stan finds himself under scrutiny.
At times I really wasn’t sure I even liked Joy or Stan but their children did stir empathy from me as I felt they were a product of their parents lifestyle/job.(ie obsession with tennis). This book really focuses more as a family drama than a mystery of Joy’s disappearance and that was fine with me.
While I did enjoy this novel it wasn’t my favourite of this authors but still highly recommended.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy to read.
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